Walking Through This Life

Random Ramblings

Throughout one’s life, one may occasionally wish to monologue for great periods of time, about topics which may or may not interest the hearer. Monologuing on the web has become a very popular thing for people to do. They usually call it blogging. Because I think of things that I wish to monologue about, and because I wish to not bore you to tears as I talk to you, I have decided to create this blog to tell you what I think about things and stuff. From time to time, I may rant on a topic, which I know can get very dull for the reader, and at other moments, I may get a poetic inspiration. At the which I give you permission to laugh extensively for long periods of time. I’ll only get offended and vandalize your home. At other times, it may be just a post containing no more excitement than a rabbit getting it’s head chopped off by a blade of grass after it got thrown from a lawnmower that was being operated by a grizzly bear who had been trained by a man who used to live in the lower regions of Siberia, and now resides in Orlando Florida making $120,000 a year, and has a wife and three children named Will, Jim, Tom, and Larry. ‘Thats four kids,’ you say. ‘You are right,’ I say, ‘and you should probably learn to count in the future.’


2 thoughts on “Walking Through This Life

  1. 😀 I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about three kids with four names who need courses in arithmetic. Your monologues are rarely uninteresting.

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