I Officially Hate Facebook

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At least for the moment. For the whole day so far, the site has let me on, I think, three times. Total. Not funny. It either tells me that the server timed out, or the server stopped responding, or the connection with the server could not be established, or it will connect to the server, and it will give me another error message like, “Service Unavailable – DNS Failure”. And, sometimes when I am able to get on, and then I go to ‘like’ someone’s status or comment, and the little facebook waiting animation plays for like, five minutes and nothing happens. So, I usually close the page at that point so that I can use facebook again, and then it says the server is not found. Hmph. So, I try it again, and this time it loads, but the chat bar doesn’t, and no pictures load either.

So yeah. I pretty much hate facebook at this point.


4 thoughts on “I Officially Hate Facebook

  1. Grrrrr. Maybe we should plot a conspiracy against Facebook. Or against Facebook’s server. If it doesn’t work for us, we oughta smash it. That way it can’t bother anyone else. 😉

  2. Some of the errors looked like they were on my end, and some of them were definitely server errors.
    But, Facebook loaded for me first time tonight, so I’m a happy camper once again. = )

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