Of Life at this Moment

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So, I have a homework quiz tomorrow in Calculus, and I haven’t done the homework for today yet. So, instead of going into the wee hours of the morning, I think I will do it right now. Which should land me at being done around 11:00pm or so.

Other than that, not much else is new. I have had a pretty normal day today. It’s nice to have one of those every once in a while. Do school in the morning, work in the evening. Yup. Life is alright these days. I’ll just bet you wish you were me. Then you could have such a cool life. Oh well. Too bad. You just plain old can’t be me.


One thought on “Of Life at this Moment

  1. Oh yeah??? Oh yeah?????? Oh yeah!!????? Well you just watch me plain BE YOU!!!! šŸ˜€

    Ok, kidding.
    You sound like my roommates, only Cherie makes it a point not to start homework until 11:00.

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