Why I was mad at Facebook

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Well, I just read an article from PC Magazine and found out why Facebook was acting up.¬†You can read PC Magazine’s article, but I’ll try and sum it up for you here.

Facebook has an automatic error correction program built into it. Basically how it works is this. If the program finds an error anywhere, it references a file that tells it what should be there, and then replaces the bad part with the correct information. Well, what happened to Facebook, was that they made a change to the file that contains the correct information, and the change accidentally ended up having an error in it. So, when the program ran, the error got spread all over the site, and subsequently all the databases as well. Then when a user tried to get on Facebook, it would come across the error, and then make another error entry in the database. And so it kept getting worse and worse, and eventually became a loop. So even if they went in and corrected the file and databases, the error would keep being spread all over the site. So what they had to do was to turn off the site. Shutting it down for four hours while they fixed it.

Hence, the reason why I couldn’t get on Facebook yesterday.

You can read PC Magazine’s article on it. They go into more detail than I did.


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