All About Nothing

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Good day everyone. Thank you for taking time out of your busy work schedule, or play schedule, to read this blog. This post is not going to be very interesting because, as usual, I have nothing about which to talk.

“So why am I continuing this post if I have nothing about which to expound?” Good question. Glad you asked. To answer your question: There are a number of things that go on in my head, which I would like to put down for others to see. This, however, is not one of them. This is what you would call a desperate attempt to give you some slight entertainment in the evening hours. Unless you read this at another time of day, in which case, it will not be.

About today. If only every day of the year could have this kind of weather, I’d be a happy camper. So I guess that makes me an unhappy camper, huh? Nope. Not in the least. I am a happy camper. But only for a little while. Until something comes up and I have to be unhappy. Well, I wouldn’t have to be, but I’d like to be sometimes.

Today, cello lessons were scheduled. They did not take place because of the health condition of the teacher. Poor guy. Coughing so bad he could barely talk on the phone. Oh well. Lessons have been postponed until later in the week. At which point, we will have lessons. Pretty self explanatory.


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