Put on your boots. Its getting cold.

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First post in October. Not much has changed since September, except the weather. It has been quite chilly some days as of recent. So you think that sentence was worded awkwardly, huh? Get over it. You still understood it.

Yesterday I went to a friends house and we thought we were going to play Age Of Empires III, but we had two different versions, so we spent the entire time trying to get it to work, and we finally called it a night, and went home without having played it at all.

Today has been good. Went to church, and they had a fellowship time afterword where everyone brought food. The theme for the food this time was International Foods. Lots of people brought lasagna. I guess they don’t have a large repertoire of international foods. We spent pretty much all of lunch talking about Karate and Martial Arts. It was pretty fun.

So we got home, and I picked up the sermons CDs as usual, and now I have to rip them so that we can put them online. So, I’ll go because I have to get that done before the end of the day.


3 thoughts on “Put on your boots. Its getting cold.

  1. Aww, sorry about the game! I bet you had fun anyway.
    You think it’s cold there, huh? Have you had a hard frost yet? We had one this morning and yesterday.

  2. See?! We haven’t even gotten to the point where you can see your breath outside, and my roommates are complaining that it’s cold. IT’S NOT COLD HERE. So there. 😛 I like the weather. But I wish I had Missouri weather. 🙂

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