Step on it

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So, I basically drive really fast these days.

Ok. Not for real. I drive the speed limit. Sometimes I do drive under the limit, and sometimes I drive just a little over.

Now for the real meat of the post. Feast your mind on this.
Sorry for the letdown, but it’s not the most interesting post. I haven’t been up to much, except the same old same old. Get up in the morning. School. Calculus. Lunch. School. Supper. Bed. That’s the basic routine, except for the occasional  interruption and hitch in the get-along.

I’m pretty stoked about the weekend. Or I could say that I’m pumped about the weekend. People seem to use those two terms a lot. I don’t know why they can’t just say that they are excited. It has only one more letter. Is it really that hard to spell? Stoked and pumped just don’t cut it in my book. That’s just me.

Back off that tangent. And speaking of tangents, that reminds me of my math class. Just about everything we have done so far has something to do with a tangent line. Yeah. It’s pretty intense. People say that a lot too. It’s not really intense, but people use it to mean that it is interesting, or fun, or something like that. Intense just has a different connotation in my mind. Maybe I’m just weird.

You knew that already.


Oh well. Sorry for the rambling. I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight. I guess I’m just feeling out of my light bulb tonight. Ah well.


2 thoughts on “Step on it

  1. Stoked, pumped, intense… yeah. It’s funny how many words I’ve started using like that since being at college. Stoked and pumped, not really – but I’ve picked up the intense one. It still drives me nuts even when I use it, though. 🙂 You quizzing today?

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