It Does Happen On Occasion

Random Ramblings

But still, it doesn’t happen very often. And as far as I’m concerned, it might as well never happen at all.  That being said, I think the most logical approach to this whole matter is circling to the rear, sneaking up from the side, and making a surprise attack on the main village which contains the majority of the population. This will not prove very effective, unless all parties are in cooperation: willing to participate and actively doing so. The worst that can happen isn’t very bad, and the best that can happen isn’t very good. So, you are pretty much doomed unless you figure out the cheat code, unlock a secret level, and advance beyond where anyone else can reach. This only works when there is at least one ladder in the vicinity, and you have public access to it. Climbing up a flagpole is not a very good substitute, for you will not get you very far, because they will have inevitably oiled it the day before, and you will never get beyond two feet above the ground before you start sliding. This is a sad predicament for us all. For everyone knows that if you don’t have access to a ladder, and a flagpole is out of the question, then the only other thing you could possibly utilize would be a ceiling fan. This actually works very well, due to it’s ability to keep moving without one having to make a conscious effort to maintain the motion. Therefore, when the situation arises, you will now know exactly how to respond to four different kinds of stimuli.


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