Mole Day

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Little known fact, but today is Mole Day. The reasoning for this holiday goes back to when you were in Chemistry. A Mole is a number you probably learned about, and it is the number of atoms of the same element that you must have in a sample for the sample to have the mass in grams that is equal to the atomic number of the element. For example, oxygen’s atomic number is 16.0. So, in order to have enough oxygen atoms to have a collective mass of 16.0 grams, you must have a Mole of oxygen atoms.

Now I’ll tell you why today is Mole Day.

A Mole is 6.02 x10^23. Today is October 23 (10/23) and Mole day begins at 6:02am. 6:02am on 10/23. Now you see why it is a national holiday. But, schools don’t take the day off, (except for this year because it’s a Saturday), and you don’t get the day off of work (unless you don’t work Saturdays anyway). I think at least chemistry classes and math classes should recognize this holiday, and let you have the day off.



3 thoughts on “Mole Day

  1. Ah ha. It did look complicated.
    😀 I’m reading your twitter-shoes. “Moving furniture into my new apartment”
    “ACT stands for Assembled Community Torture.”

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