No Shave November

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I’m not participating in No Shave November, but there are quite a few people who do. Part of the reason why I’m not, is because I’m not allowed to have facial hair where I work. The other reason, is the fact that my mom doesn’t allow me to go for more than a day and a half without shaving. Oh well. Maybe when I get my own home and work a different kind of job.

And it is November. I don’t know if you realized that, but it is. I haven’t done anything special, like sell hot dogs to the townspeople, but I think they’ll manage. It is getting colder. I’ve been wearing a jacket pretty much everywhere at all times of the day. Along the lines of things I have to do before the year is over, I have to get my senior pictures done, and I have to get my car inspected, and have my driver’s license re-upped or whatever they do to that thing.

Basically, don’t turn eighteen unless you know what you are getting into. I had the basic idea, but I wan’t sure of all the specifics. So now that I am eighteen, I have to sort through all the things I didn’t know where on their way.


2 thoughts on “No Shave November

  1. Yeah, No-Shave November is being observed by quite a few guys on campus. Several others refuse to observe it. Most if not all the girls think it’s a disgusting idea. 😀

    Not much time left in the year… Better get your hot dog stand rolling. 😉

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