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David RantsCommunication is the key. That’s what they always say. But, communication, like a lot of things, had changed over the years.

It used to be that the primary way to communicate was face to face. If you wanted to say something to someone, you would go over to their house if you lived near them. Then people wanted to communicate with people that were further away, and so the mail system was developed. This was first conducted in the U.S. as the pony express (mainly), and as the years went on, the USPS came into being (ok it was more involved than that, but this is supposed to be concise). Online communication was kind of a byproduct of invention. The original reason the internet was developed was so that universities that were doing research, could access the information from another university, and vice versa. Then they started making “chat bots” which would talk to each other over the internet. This led to saveable chats, with human input, which turned into email. It was mostly experimental, but it really took off. The advent of social networking sites, chat rooms, and texting also changed the way people communicate. And not necessarily for the better. But that’s a whole nother topic. (we talk like that, why not type like that? Because it’s incorrect. I could talk for hours.)

Back on topic.

People, generally speaking, love getting physical mail. Face to face conversations are still valued over online communication, especially in professional fields, but also between friends and family. One side effect of online communication is that it spreads people apart, instead of drawing them together. Think back to all those “wild west” movies. Everybody lived within 5 miles of each other, and would go to town with the neighbors. People were more hospitable and warm. Today, they are typically cold toward others. There is a sense of distance between people. Having an online life, you get to know people, but you really don’t. So when the face to face encounter happens, its awkward.

I’m rambling.

I’ll shut up and let you get on with your life.

Just so I’ve said it: I’m not against social networks, blogs, email, chats, or texting. I personally have done/do all of them. I just think that sometimes, it’s better to get out there, and be real.