What’s Wrong with Communism?

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What is so bad about communism?

What is communism? In a nutshell communism is a civilization where there is no government, and everybody does what is good for everybody. All work and jobs are done for the sake of others, and government is unnecessary because everybody is helping each other so much, that nobody commits crime of any kind.

This is all good and well, and I realize that my nutshell summation may provoke some to criticize my knowledge of the subject, yet, in all honesty, this was not intended to be a detailed report on what communism is.

So, communism sounds good right (except for the term)? What makes it so bad? The answer is nothing, except people. People by nature are wicked. This one detail is what throws the entire prospect into a tizzy. Some of the other issues of communism could be overlooked, but not this one. But, if people get to a state of communism, wouldn’t it become natural for them to go with the system and to do everything for the general welfare? Well, that’s kind of like asking if taking a rock and putting it in a pile of rocks that are in a room all by themselves if the rock then would become soft. The answer is no. It wouldn’t. It is the rock’s nature to be hard. Just like it is light’s nature to be bright, water’s nature to be wet, and a dog’s nature to smell things, human nature is to be wicked. People will forever esteem themselves better than others, for some reason or other. They (we) will get angry, or frustrated at someone, and will want to do something to cause harm to come to them. Sometimes resulting in death. People just don’t do things for the sake of everyone else’s comfort. That just not how it happens.

Now, I mentioned that there were other problems with communism. And there are. Another one is improvement. Virtually none would occur in a communistic society. There would be no need for anything to be made better. People would go from day to day, living the same way they did the day before, and because everyone is making sure that everyone else is living life well, they would not bother to change anything once it is all up and running in a good way.

This is where capitalism shines. Competition. Who doesn’t like the latest computer, or the fastest internet, or the thinnest phone, or the coolest gadget? These all stemmed from competition. Playing the “one-up” game. Doing something better than anybody else. It is in everyone to do better than the next guy, especially if it is how you make your living. You want people to buy your product, or hire your services, and so you try to make what you have to offer more appealing to the one paying for it. This is how the railroads got built, this is how computers are still made, this is how airplanes were designed. Somebody had a service or product, and somebody knew how to do it better. In a communistic society, competing with someone for a job would not be making sure that they had good sales, and thus would not be good for the community. Just think of health care in a communistic world.

What else is not good about communism? (Re)distribution of money. This is really the killer of innovation. In a communistic society, all the monies are given to everyone equally, the need for competition, or work at all, is non-existant. If you wanted to take a holiday, go ahead and take it. You could take a holiday for a whole year. And you would get paid. In fact, you would get as much money not working, as you would working, destroying any and all motivation. Except for that of helping everyone else out. But because we know people don’t do that by nature, then you end up with a community that looks like a dump with houses in the middle. Technology would be nearly absent. Electricity, gone. There would be no running water or postal service, and transportation would be either on two feet, or by horse. If you were lucky to have one for more than a day.

So, the next time you hear someone bashing capitalism or slandering someone who takes a stance against communism, just remember where everything around you came from. The house, building, or car you are in, the clothes you are wearing, the insignificant details of life, and the significant details. Innovation and competition made these things better and better, until you have the refined product we have today. Then think what would happen if communism were the norm, and be glad it isn’t.


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