The Fallen Human Nature


As an aside, I didn’t get a chance to develop the idea of people being by nature wicked. I alluded to this concept in my post “What’s Wrong With Communism?.”

As human beings, we do things that we know aren’t right. How do we know our actions are wrong? Instinct? Maybe. But consider this: Maybe there is someone who made us, and it is He who establishes what is right and wrong. Then suppose he creates us in a way that reflects many of his own characteristics. meaning that there are similarities between us and Him. This would explain how we innately know how certain things are wrong.

This also explains why people are creative, as a whole. When the Creator made us, it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to think that He also made everything else there is in the world. Not necessarily buildings, and cars, and such. But consider stars. We didn’t make those. Jupiter, Saturn, all the planets. Those couldn’t have been made by us. They would have had to have come from somewhere. A big bang? Maybe. But even in the case of a big bang, the original matter would have had to have come from somewhere. Where would that have come from? A Creator. But if there were a Creator, why would he only create a speck, only to have it blow up? Why not have the pleasure of creating everything individually? If He were to create everything individually, it would make sense that there are a lot of similarities between things in the world. This would explain why math works, and why there are universal constants. And if we were indeed made similar to the Creator, this again explains the creative juices that flow through the minds of men(for example, computers, cars, aeroplanes, and houses). All these things were somebody(s) creative genius.

Human Creativity, Independent thought, and Decision making. These are all reflections of the Creator of the universe.

This also explains why we as humans are able to think on our own, and make choices, seeing as the Creator would have had free choice and independent thought.

Now if all this were to indeed happen, then wouldn’t it make sense that the Creator would be able to tell us what to do and not to do? If you were to make something, and you put a lot of work into it, wouldn’t you have the authority to say what happens to it? Would you not get to say what it can and can’t do? For sure you would. Here is the marvel. The Creator only required obedience to one thing when he made the first man. Then the enemy of the Creator came to the man’s wife, and put in her mind the idea to disobey. When she did, she convinced the first man to do so as well. Thus, they both disobeyed. The Creator, who is just, changed human nature. This change affected every person then and to come. This includes us. Because our nature has been changed, all the characteristics of the Creator that we had to a degree, became marred and disfigured. Creativity became warped, judgement became confused, and relationships became hard to maintain. This transformation took place, and now every human being since, has this nature of disobeying. We can’t help it.

But the Creator didn’t stop with changing their nature; he made their lives harder on earth. This is completely understandable. If you were to make a clay pot, and it didn’t mold the right way, or it cracked, you would probably throw it away, or smash it and start over. In the same way, when we disobey the Creator, it is perfectly reasonable and just, to throw us away, or smash us and start over. But He is also very kind and merciful to us. See, he didn’t destroy us. We are still alive. And it is all because of the Creator. He decided to come down on earth, and to live life as a human. Only he did it without the disobedient nature. He lived His life on earth in the way that we were created to live it. Then he was killed, and when he had been killed, he was buried in a tomb. But he didn’t stay there. After three days, he arose out of the tomb, back to his original place.

Just like a broken clay pot, we deserve to be smashed and thrown away.

This next part blows me away every time I think about it. The Creator then takes that righteous life that he lived on earth, and gives it to His people. We deserve to die. Remember the clay pot from earlier? Just like that, we deserve to be smashed and thrown away. But when the Creator came and died, it was as if He threw himself away. Smashed himself. Thus, we no longer have to die. (We will die a physical death, but after we die here on earth, we will be with the Creator permanently)

The Creator gives us this, His righteous life, freely. We don’t need to get our lives in order, or do something grand in order to earn it. The Creator picks people out of the earth, in all their evilness and wrongdoing, and gives His own perfect obedience to them. He then takes these rescued people through the rest of their earthly life, and makes them more and more like himself, so that they can live life to the fullest, and in a way that obeys the Creator.

All of what I said above is true. The Creator is God.

If you want to know more about God, you can read the Bible. The Bible is the absolute best way to learn about God, and what He is like.


4 thoughts on “The Fallen Human Nature

  1. I love this, David. And I love it because it is truth, THE truth.
    God is our Creator and we so flippantly talk about Him and hardly even realize how big He is. I like to think about God and how great He is. I think about the time of Adam and Eve and then I think about God. God was Adam’s Dad, He created Adam, but when was God’s beginning? He doesn’t have a beginning, He’s God and He’s always been God and He will always be God. Forever. How long is forever? Forever NEVER ends. It will go on and on and on…
    Anyway… I like to think about it that way… And then I’m like… ‘Oh. My. God. You are SO much bigger, glorious and beautiful!’

    I love this line: “God has never been obligated to give us life. If we fought for our rights, we’d be in hell tonight” And that’s the way it is.

    1. It is true, God is way above anything we can imagine. Just the fact that He didn’t have a beginning, is just mind boggling.

      That is a good line, Ruth. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before, but it is so true.

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