A Little Late on the Scene

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Well, winter finally decided to show up. Meaning of course that we got snow. I really like snow, and so the prospect of having a snow-less winter was more than an unhappy thought. But it is here, and it looks like it will stay around for around five more hours. Or maybe another day. If we are lucky.

In other news, my month of photos finished yesterday, so check them out, and let me know which one is your favourite. I’d really like to know. I had a great time shooting them, toting my camera everywhere. I was a blast.

And it’s Valentine’s day again. I was hoping to keep it out of my post today, but I can’t help it. Everybody knows about it, and it creates an awkward moment for everyone. I really do think that Valentine’s day was made up for the sole purpose of doing just that. Not only that, nobody really celebrates it. Except for Walmart. Nevertheless, it is here, and we must suffer through it once more.


2 thoughts on “A Little Late on the Scene

  1. Ah, so the moment of “unrelated-to-you” incidents has occurred and made you feel, well, unrelated to the incident.
    Well, then, if Scrooge is the name for the Christmas ingrate, what name would fit the Valentine solo?
    Nonetheless, Happy Valentine’s Day dear David!
    Glad you’re mine, at least until “she” steals your heart!

  2. Nice, I love snow! Glad you can enjoy some snow! We are snow-less now… the snow is gone, all ice is gone 😦
    But hey, I’m hoping for spring! 😀

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