In Theory Everything Sounds Good

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Ever get that moment where you think of the most awesome idea ever, and then you go to say it, and it sounds absolutely bizarre, and you wonder how you even thought it made sense to begin with? Happens all the time over in this department. Just when I thought I had a stroke of genius, it turns out that I didn’t.

Take Terminal 27, for example. It sounds cool (or nerdy) so say that I’m making a podcast. But if you actually take a moment to step back and ask why it exists, I really have no answer. I just like doing it. I makes no sense for me to do it. I suppose you could say the only good thing about it is that it does give me something to get up for in the morning on Saturday (when all sane people are supposed to be sleeping in).

This principle also applies to doing homework on the weekend. It sounds good and all to say that you will do all your homework on the weekend when you actually have the time to do it. But, if you are like me, it doesn’t get done, and you are left wondering why you didn’t do it. Which is kind of where I am right now. It’s almost Monday morning, and I still have to do my homework for my computer programming class. It isn’t really that hard, I just haven’t looked at it until literally 3 minutes ago. And it is due on Monday.


So, I’m a little under pressure to get this program done. This is where I go and search the web for something random. Like shoelace durability statistics or best practices for tie storage. Or I’ll catch up on Words With Friends. If you play, you should play with me. My user name is DJmcclurg if you want to play. If you don’t want to, that is still my user name.

But that’s off topic. The point is, do your homework before it’s due. Nuff said. I guess. Unless you aren’t in school anymore.


6 thoughts on “In Theory Everything Sounds Good

    1. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that I can’t communicate what I’m thinking, or I’m just not thinking correctly to begin with. One or the other I’m sure. Hopefully not both…

  1. Hey, since when does everything have to have earth-shattering import? I vote that you keep up the podcast. I also vote for getting your homework done. (Though I’m one to talk – I got absolutely NOTHING done for the last three or four days.)

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