No End Of Desire

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So, I have had a MacBook Pro for a year and a half or so. At the same time, I got an iPod touch, because it was Apple’s deal that you by a Mac for school, and you get a free iPod touch (they have since stopped doing this). Because this was a year and a half ago, and because it was the 8Gb version, it is a rather old iPod. It won’t let me upgrade the OS anymore. That’s how old it is.

So, my brother just got an iPod touch, and it is the new one. Needless to say, this made me slightly jealous. I started complaining about all the things that mine doesn’t do. Comparing mine with his. It wasn’t good for me. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have been happy for him because he got it, and he had been wanting to get it for a while. But I was jealous.

I tend to be this way when some new tech gadget comes out, and I have the older version. I wan’t the new MacBook, and a new iPod, and a new desktop computer with the new i7, and an iPhone, and an iPad 3 (assuming it is coming), and I want a new this, and a new that.

But in reality, nobody can afford to get the latest of everything. I need to stop living in the cloud, and come back down to earth, and realize that I actually have it pretty well off. Seriously. Just looking at computers, I have three of them. Who needs three computers anyway?

So, there you have it. And hopefully I can ditch this endless desire for more and more and better and better. I guess it will never really go away, I just need to learn how to keep it in check. Something I need God’s help on, because I can’t do it.


4 thoughts on “No End Of Desire

  1. So dude, are you on Instagram? Since you love taking pictures and I really like yours… if you are maybe we should connect! How about that! 😀

    I totally understand what you are writing about though… that desire will never leave us I think… I love Tenth Avenue North’s song that says

    “we’re waiting but our eyes are wandering
    To all this earth holds dear
    Look at all the pretty things
    That steal my heart away
    I can feel I’m fading
    ‘Cause Lord I love so many things
    That keep me from Your face
    Come and save me”

  2. Wow, I reread my comment and I meant to say it won’t leave us as long as we live on this earth. I think it will be always some kind of tug of war. Until… until… until we are finally reach that place our heart was searching for. Yup.

    1. I get what you mean. 🙂

      I’m not on Instagram… the main reason being I don’t have an iPhone. I have an iPod, but it doesn’t have a camera in it. Unfortunately.

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