Why Modern Issues Are Advancing Communism

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I know I am going to sound like a conspiracy theorist, and you may count me a radical, and you may not like me after this, and you may decide to break all bonds that you have with me.

Let that be as it may, but none of the above is my goal. What I’m hoping to do with this post is to show you what I see happening, and where it is actually leading. If you find yourself not able to read these kind of issues without getting yourself in a tailspin of depression, then please disregard this post. I don’t mean to do that either.

Now that I’ve said that, I will proceed.

What is the main thing that the Communist leaders said that they needed to have accomplished in order to turn America (specifically the United States) Communist? According to Stalin and Marx, the main thing that was holding America from becoming Communist was the traditional family unit. They said that if they could persuade the people that the traditional family (one dad, one mom, and children) was something that you could do without, or was old-fashioned and out-dated, then the spread of Communism would be easy in the United States.

Many major issues in today’s mind relate to the family. Let me show you.

  1. Women’s rights
  2. Definition of Marriage
  3. Education
  4. Pleasure

First: Women’s rights. One of the first steps to destroying the traditional family was that of making women think that being a woman who kept house and raised the family was not the best thing she could do, when in reality, it is. Today most women would take offense at the idea that raising a family and being a homemaker was the best thing she could do. They have been sold the lie that in order to be a woman that has any happiness, you should “break free” from the “bonds” that old-fashioned thinking has placed them in. This is utter nonsense. I have personally heard the testimony of countless women stating that they are under a lot of stress because of the job or career that they are pursuing, and the are wondering why their children are in the condition they are in when they have been in daycare/school all day. Yet, I have never heard a woman complain that staying at home and raising her children herself was keeping her from fulfilling her life’s ambitions, and at the same time ruining her children’s lives.

It seems to me that the idea is to let the women be anything they want to be as long as they aren’t homemakers and raising their own kids.

Second: The definition of marriage. Why is this such a hot topic right now, and why are the proponents of both sides so adamant that their position is correct? Because it is vitally important.  Marriage has been, and always should be a spiritual union between one man and one woman. Why? Well, if for no other reason, it just makes sense. There will be no procreation if it isn’t, and all humans will die off. But there are other reasons, social and religious, that indicate that the traditional definition is better for all parties concerned. For purposes of this post, I will say two things: First, that the traditional definition is better because it keeps the family intact, and second, the traditional definition is not only better, it is the only way that marriage should ever be defined. God started marriage, and he made it with one man and one woman only. There can be no deviation.

If the founders of communism understood that the destruction of the traditional family would be crucial to the spread of communism in America, shouldn’t that be enough to want to maintain the traditional family?

Third: Education. Why do I say that the current education system in America is eating away at the traditional family? Because the education system is really not about educating your children at all. At least, not if they are going to public school. The purpose of public education is twofold: Get the children out of the home as soon as possible; and Indoctrinate the children during the first several years of their lives.

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” ~ Vladimir Lenin

Lenin understood when the best time to teach a child was, and the educational system has taken full advantage of that. The teaching that goes on in public schools is so shocking and disturbing to parents, that the school systems have made it so that the parents cannot access and see what their own children are being fed day in and day out.

It is my personal opinion that the parents of a child should oversee their child’s education, and the best way that I can see for that to happen is by the parents taking the education of the youngsters into their own hands.

I understand that not everybody is in a situation where they can do as I am suggesting. I am not trying to make everyone have a homeschool family. What I am trying to do is to show you what I see happening.

Fourth: Pleasure. This particularly applies to the men. It is of the utmost importance that the man be the one that works for the provision of the family. This has to do with psychology and other issues, but it is shown that in a family where the man works, there are fewer marital problems (although problems will arise), and the children are much better off, and are more likely to succeed.

The problem is that men in todays culture, have been lied to. But the thing is, they have been lied to in a different way. With women’s rights, it was blatant. It was right out front where everybody could see. This time, the lie took the back door. Instead of stating the lie, the distracted the men from what they needed to be doing. They would use the attraction of a new game, or thrill, or some other new item to keep them constantly at play, instead of working. The rise of the game console and the personal music player didn’t help either. Men never needed help getting into sexual sin, but now the advertising market has used lust as their main selling point.

“Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.” ~ Anne Frank

Anything but providing for the family was encouraged. This then played right into the women’s rights movement, by giving the women another reason to get out of the house and into the work force, sending the kids off to daycare at the tender age of five months, to be cared for by someone who doesn’t love them, and then educated, and we get caught in a nasty cycle.

Women’s rights, definition of marriage, education, and pleasure. The four main forces in the US that are destroying the traditional family, and paving the way for not only communism, but the demise of one of the greatest civilizations in history.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can make a profound impact on this country’s future, and the future of every country in the world, by upholding the traditional family structure.

“Work is not man’s punishment. It is his reward and his strength and his pleasure.” ~ George Sand

“Women’s natural role is to be a pillar of the family.” ~ Grace Kelly


3 thoughts on “Why Modern Issues Are Advancing Communism

  1. I have no thoughts on your claim of advancing communism.

    Staying home to serve your husband and children is not the best thing for *all* women. (Important to note that I don’t see serving your children & husband as some controversial thing.) There are women who (somehow) have no interest in children. There are women who have never been married and are well into their forties. There are women who have gone on to earn degrees/positions that they enjoy while bringing in a good money to help their husbands, families and other people.

    I am aware that with young Christian women, not unlike myself, there is a certain inclination to think that since they are contributing monetarily to their family, that they can forgo what God requires in family order. (Submitting to your own husband). This lie, unfortunately, has caused its fair share of trouble in young marriages. And it is based on the deception that men are to take the lead because they make the money. Men are to take the lead because it is God’s order. Obeying it glorifies Him. There are plenty of wives intellectually capable of leading their husbands. There are plenty of wives who boast more maturity and financial sensibility than their husbands. Submission to our own husband has nothing to do with ability and everything to do with submission to whom we call Lord. Women can help the children of the coming generations to view submission favorably by joyfully submitting to their husbands and giving respect to God’s order.

    Feminism has successfully sold the lie to us that being a Stay At Home Mother is less valuable that working outside of the home. I think both situations are equally valuable ways we can serve our homes. If a woman is financially able to be a stay at home wife and mother, I think it would be great for her to give it a try. One enormous benefit: there are so many opportunities for your family to serve others in this position. So many in my generation are not open to this because of the times in which we grew up in. And so many of us had mothers pointing us everywhere but there!

    And just recently, it came out that “six studies looking at 40,000 children over the last 40 years found there was no link between mothers continuing their careers and children achieving less at school or misbehaving. (http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/kids-working-moms-fine-study-article-1.1369319#ixzz2X59kde00)

    Please excuse me for commenting on an old post. I’m new to wordpress & I absolutely love what I’ve read from your blog!

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