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The movie making industry is the church for the worldly. People faithfully show up when the next “sermon” comes out. They willingly sit for hours on end being indoctrinated by ideas proposed by Hollywood. Why? Because Hollywood knows how to tempt your lust. They know about your sinful nature, and they are real geniuses at getting your imagination going with all sorts of false ideas about life and Godliness. Movies are used to make people comfortable with ideas and concepts that ought to make the Christian cringe.

Yet today, many ‘Christians’ attend movie after movie fooling themselves into thinking that it is “just entertainment.”

Movies are designed with one (or combination) of three motives:

  1. Make the viewer feel divine (think serpent in the Garden of Eden)
  2. Show the worst so that you can make it through your life (as in horror movies)
  3. Tempt your lustful and sinful heart into perverted thought

If Adam and Eve chose the wrong thing when tempted by the Devil in the Garden of Eden, how proud must we be to think that we can withstand the Devil’s proposition of becoming divine?

Horror movies are typically very gruesome or violent. Niether of which are condoned by the Bible as things to fill our minds with. For the rest of the world, they are used as an escape from this life, see how bad off we don’t have it, and then we can live another day because we don’t have serial killers crawling around our houses. For the Christian, we need no such escape to give us motivation for life. Jesus gives us the purpose of life (And that is to glorify God).

The third one needs no explanation as to why it is bad for the Christian. We are inundated everyday at the grocery store (of all places) with material that tempts the lust and sinfulness of men and women. It is utterly absurd that we should seek out another venue which tempts us even further (and with much more power).

One more thing I want to say, and then I’ll be done.

Words matter. Word choice is extremely important. Nobody knows that more than the writers and movie producers at Hollywood. Every movie they have put out, every television series produced has actors and actresses saying phrases or off handed comments that undermine God and Christianity. How sad it is that a great amount of theology that some Christians hold today has been based on the movies that they watched. An even greater number of Christians have theology that, while not based entirely on movies, has been shaped extensively by them.

All under the guise of entertainment.


5 thoughts on “Christians and Movies

  1. Hollywood is not a friend of Christ, or of His church. May the Lord keep us ever growing in our awareness and sensitivity to the lures and lies of the enemy.

  2. “Oh, but it has a good plot!” *roll eyes* Filth! Deception! Lies! You are the proverbial frog in the pot of boiling water! Wake up & get out before it is too late!!

  3. It reminds me of that terrible Dutch movie about World War 2. There’s a GREAT deal of sex and swearing in that movie. One time someone (a Christian) told me that it’s okay to watch it because 1. It’s about the war with the Germans 2. The swearing and sex happens in real life too.

    Oh suuuuuure then by all means let’s watch it then because now it’s OK. If it happens in life then it’s OK to watch. Let’s have that as our standard. Not the Bible, no, we don’t want to come across as archaic. Psh! Ridiculous!

    The worst part is that a regular Dutch movie contains soooo much sex, nudity and foul language compared to a regular Hollywood movie.

  4. Good message, friend. We should not be so fooled as to think the world will ever be interested in promoting the Kingdom our Lord… but just the opposite! Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  5. I think it is okay to go to some movies. But it is more important to have conversations about what we’ve watched and how it may have deceitful themes. I use to choose movies. I won’t see anything with nudity or heavy sexy scenes. And when I take children to movies, we always have a discussion about what we’ve watched.

    The show Will & Grace. I used to eat that show up! I never thought for a second that I was being desensitized to sin. Grace slept with everyone & Will had his own sexual sin too. I hate that I didn’t know what I was doing. I hate that I was one to have added to their ratings.

    Hollywood is horrible. ‘Friends’ from the 90’s was bad enough with everyone sleeping with everyone. Fast-forward to the present where we have shows like How I Met Your Mother, where sex simply cannot be cheapened or talked about enough. It is unfortunate.

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