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Well, I may not be the best shot in the world, (and I’m not), but I’m pretty excited because I just recently was able to shoot my rifle for the first time since I got it nearly a year ago. I’ve had the rifle, but no ammunition seeing as it required a very unique round. (7.62x54R to be exact)

Anyway, I just recently bought some ammunition, took my gun out, and fired away. I was surprised at how little kick the rifle produced, seeing as it is a good sized round. I attribute the little kick to the fact that I bought a lower grain bullet. The one I purchased was 150gr, whereas there was a 182gr available.

The rifle actually has a really nice resounding boom when fired. Quite satisfactory. I could probably shoot it all day and enjoy the boom every single time as if it were the first shot. Very incredibly awesome. If you don’t have a gun, I recommend getting one because it is so much fun to shoot.

My gun along with a loaded shell, and the shell of the first shot I took.

A loaded shell, and the empty shell of the first round I ever fired from the gun.


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