That’s Your Opinion

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It is commonly known that when a statement made is an opinion statement, it is simply a matter of opinion. If I like chocolate ice cream, and you don’t, we don’t get into an argument over which one is objectively better. If I asked you if you agreed with the statement that clothes hangers should be purple, no matter your answer (as long as it reflects your true sentiment) it is not invalid.

This brings me to yesterday in my class on ‘Global Agriculture.’ I describe the class as a sociology class with a spin on economics and a wisp of agriculture. Thus it is a liberally biased class masquerading as a harmless gen ed.

About a week ago in this class, we as students took an exam. While I was taking it, I thought I was doing pretty well. I thought I knew all the answers (I admit, I did not know one particular question). The first question was a “Do you agree that blah blah blah…?” question. I answered it twofold, because the question was inadequate in it’s scope. I expounded on ways that made me agree with the statement, and then I made a side comment on ways that caused me to disagree. The professor took off points because I did not agree with the statement. The question was an opinion question! In this situation, there is no logically incorrect answer to be made, save that of complete nonsense. A fellow sitting a few rows ahead of me had also answered the question with a “no” and lost points as well.

The professor basically said that we should agree with him on that statement at this point in the class.

This is what education has come to. They do not care if you understand, they do not care if you learn. They want to feed you inaccurate information and false ideas (which was this one) and expect you to accept them, or you face a lower grade. This is madness! True indoctrination at it’s worst.

He asked another opinion question in the exam which basically asked if we thought a certain factual situation were one way or another. Since the answer could be derived and an objectively true answer obtained if more information were given, I took the liberty to explain how to arrive at an objective answer. In other words, I was trying to find what was true. The professor didn’t care about what was true, and told me so (in a few different words) in his remarks on the exam.

Education has taken a wrong turn. Instead of exploring to learn what is true, we are moving to a point where truth doesn’t matter, and your opinion is all you have going for you.

Folks, truth matters. Objective truth is existant, knowable, and extremely important.


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