Hey there. How are you doing today?

I was just spending a moment and thinking about you, and why you are reading my blog. It could be because you saw some photography that I had posted, or maybe you read a post of mine when I was trying to fix the world by posting on a not-very-much-noticed blog. I’m realizing that I don’t blog about many things consistently.  This means that whatever it was that caught your eye, may or may not ever show up again on the blog. If you saw a picture of a building, and liked it enough to follow the blog, that doesn’t mean I will ever again post a picture of a building. I probably will, but I make no such guarantee.

According to blog strategists and gurus, you are supposed to consider your audience before you post, and be sure that you provide content that pertains to a specific genre or interest (photography, humor, news, etc… the list is endless). They say that readers who are interested in that particular type of thing will follow you, and nobody else really matters. Or at least they matter little to you.

I’m not following their advice. I pretty much post whatever happens to tickle my fancy at the moment, and then I may or may not expound upon it. Since I can get myself quite involved in a wide assortment of things, from statistical analysis to remote control airplanes, you may or may not enjoy what I put on here. I hope you do though.

Really though, I don’t care about the other people that read this blog.

I care about you. I want you to enjoy your read. I want you to enjoy the pictures I share. I want you to comment on a quote I posted, or a diatribe I decided would be useful. Maybe it wasn’t useful at all.

I still want you to enjoy it.

Anywho. Thanks for reading.

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