Rose Shot Breakdown

A red rose on a black background

I darkened the background just a little bit, and desaturated the stem, but that’s as far as the edits go.

This image was a spur of the moment creation. There was a single rose wrapped in a protective/decorative plastic cone-like wrap. I took the rose and put it in the middle of a roll of paper towels (the brand is not important). I then turned on a light that our house happens to have; it’s like a spotlight, but not really a spotlight. I think it is supposed to light up the mantle above the fireplace… anyway. I turned it on and aimed it directly at the flower. I shut off all other lights, and held a blanket up next to the light so that no light would fall on the background. With the help of a tripod and a 10sec delay, I was in business.

ISO 800 (for some reason unknown even to me…)


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