To people who think politics is a waste of time

Politics, Random Ramblings, Rants

I’m not a political junkie, nor do I post political messages on my social networks consistently (or even frequently). But it really gets me fired up when people try to rid themselves of all political thought or discussion.

People should care about the government, especially in America.

In the US, the government is run by it’s citizens, or at least that’s the way it was set up. The US government was designed to be run by the doctors and bakers and shoeshiners, assuming they would return to their former careers when they were done serving their country.

Considering that this is the way it was designed, and the fact that you can vote freely (for now), it seems to only make sense that you would spend a little thought and effort in changing the political scene for the better. I’m not saying that you should be turning every conversation and every Facebook status comment section into a political discussion.

Just understand this:

If you don’t do anything, someone will.

And you probably won’t agree with them.


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