Why are kids viewed as a bad thing?

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Even in so-called Christian communities, when two people get married, it is expected that they should not have kids very soon after getting married, and if they do have kids, they shouldn’t have very many. For some reason it is viewed more favorably to adopt kids than to have them yourselves. The reasoning for this last option sounds very much like Ebenezer Scrooge who talks about decreasing the “surplus population.” Instead of decreasing the population, just don’t add to it. Adopt kids, instead of having your own.

The best thing (in the modern world) is to get married (or not) and prevent kids from happening because of your behavior.

Do your kid-reproducing-thing, but not so that you can have a children. Use the pill, get an abortion if the pill didn’t work for some reason. It’s all about getting “fulfillment” whatever that means.

Of course, if you were trying to have children, then…I…guess…thats a good thing!….? I’ll be happy for you…secretly wondering why you would want a kid.

As Christians, we should find fulfillment in Christ, not in human relationships. We should use our human relationship with our spouse to obey God’s command to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth….”

I understand that there are couples that are not able to have children. I am not saying that they are in that case disobeying God.


2 thoughts on “Why are kids viewed as a bad thing?

  1. Some say that couples should adopt and forgo reproduction. Some say that all able should reproduce. I believe that whether a married Christian couple has children, adopts, or forgoes parenthood is completely between those people and God.

    You cite a command about being fruitful, but the Bible doesn’t condone contraception. Adoption is HUGE in Christianity. Haven’t we been adopted by God through Jesus Christ so that we may have eternal life?

    Haven’t we been told to take care of children and widows in need too? Adoption and reproduction are both beautiful things. What is most important is to proclaim Jesus in the life of those children that do become a part of our lives.

    This is why I love my Christian community. Children are celebrated as they should be! All children are a gift from God. I hope you’ll encourage those in your community to be a positive Jesus-trusting influence in the lives of children.

    And the whole “surplus population” concept is really quite the hoot.

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