I’m David, a somewhat normal guy, with a couple abnormal fascinations.

I like old words/complicated words/words in general. The less known the word, the better.

I tend to have a lot of ideas, and none/next to no resources with which to carry them out.

I like to meet people, but I don’t like to meet people.

Depending on the day, I could have a completely different idea of where I’m going in life, and what profession I’m going to have. Because of this, I usually answer the question with, “I don’t know yet.”

Worldviews and Theology get me really excited.

I love Apple products, but I would rather have Linux than OS X.

And, you probably want to know where the name for this blog came from.

I will attempt to expound on this point.
The Black Shoe. I was wearing one at the moment. And I liked the fact that I could make some plays on words if that was the name for the blog, and so it stuck. I could have chosen any color, but my shoe was black, so that’s what its called. If you don’t like it, then fine. Tape a piece of paper to the screen while you read my blog, so you don’t have to see it. I’m not going to change it.

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  1. Thaaaaaanks for following my blog! And I probably like your black shoe! 😛
    I haven’t seen it, but black is the perfect color for a shoe! 😉

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