Why are kids viewed as a bad thing?

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Even in so-called Christian communities, when two people get married, it is expected that they should not have kids very soon after getting married, and if they do have kids, they shouldn’t have very many. For some reason it is viewed more favorably to adopt kids than to have them yourselves. The reasoning for this last option sounds very much like Ebenezer Scrooge who talks about decreasing the “surplus population.” Instead of decreasing the population, just don’t add to it. Adopt kids, instead of having your own.

The best thing (in the modern world) is to get married (or not) and prevent kids from happening because of your behavior.

Do your kid-reproducing-thing, but not so that you can have a children. Use the pill, get an abortion if the pill didn’t work for some reason. It’s all about getting “fulfillment” whatever that means.

Of course, if you were trying to have children, then…I…guess…thats a good thing!….? I’ll be happy for you…secretly wondering why you would want a kid.

As Christians, we should find fulfillment in Christ, not in human relationships. We should use our human relationship with our spouse to obey God’s command to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth….”

I understand that there are couples that are not able to have children. I am not saying that they are in that case disobeying God.


To people who think politics is a waste of time

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I’m not a political junkie, nor do I post political messages on my social networks consistently (or even frequently). But it really gets me fired up when people try to rid themselves of all political thought or discussion.

People should care about the government, especially in America.

In the US, the government is run by it’s citizens, or at least that’s the way it was set up. The US government was designed to be run by the doctors and bakers and shoeshiners, assuming they would return to their former careers when they were done serving their country.

Considering that this is the way it was designed, and the fact that you can vote freely (for now), it seems to only make sense that you would spend a little thought and effort in changing the political scene for the better. I’m not saying that you should be turning every conversation and every Facebook status comment section into a political discussion.

Just understand this:

If you don’t do anything, someone will.

And you probably won’t agree with them.

SOPA, PIPA, OPEN, and Censorship

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The English Wikipedia, Google, Mozilla, Reddit, WordPress, and many other websites are protesting these three bills today. Each of the bills is for some kind of censorship of the web.

SOPA would allow the government to block any and all websites that they deem fit for censorship, without due process, and without any form of checks and balances. This bill is call “Stop Online Piracy Act” and sounds good to begin with, but in reality it would hurt free speech. This is the same thing that China, and many other countries have done. This bill is harmful to free speech, and could wind up in the censoring of any website that the government does not like. And there would be no way to stop them.

PIPA (Protect Intellectual Property Act) Focuses on doing much the same as SOPA, with an emphasis on doing it globally. The impact of this bill is that the U.S. government would have the power to censor the internet for the world, not just the United States.

OPEN (Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act) is a bill that requires people that are registering domain names to provide some form of government id, and government approval. This prevents free speech, and is unconstitutional.

While these bills would work to end piracy, the problem is that someone is going to abuse the power. It always happens. This inevitably leads to unstoppable blocking of any website anywhere for any reason, and preventing anybody from getting a web address for any reason.

You can go to google.com/takeaction to sign a petition to make your voice known on the issue of SOPA. Wikipedia has a convenient search by zipcode to find your congressman so that you can tell them of your concern. Mozilla and Reddit also provide you with ways to voice your concern on the issue.

Stop online piracy? Yes. Give the government unchecked power to do so? No. Giving the government unchecked power to do anything is a bad idea in the first place.