Thoughts on Legalism


Many Christians today are under the impression that we are not to be legalistic. This is correct. However, I do believe that many take this too far, and reject all rules, and morals imposed on them by saying that we shouldn’t be legalistic. God has called us Christians to be holy. Living holy means that we should not be of this world, which would demand that we are to be different from the world. This may mean that we have to set rules in place for ourselves in terms of modesty, what we watch, what we listen to, and how we talk. This isn’t an extensive list, but these are the major issues that Christian young people have to deal with.

When I said that we were not to be legalistic, I meant that we are not supposed to claim these works as our own, or compare others to ourselves in a kind of game, seeing who can be the best at this ‘holy’ stuff. This is completely wrong. We are to be holy, but we are not to live as if good works and distinguishing ourselves from the world is our main focus.  Looking like the world in order to draw them in is just not an option. We are not supposed to blend in with the world. Instead we are supposed to stand out, and make a difference for Christ.

Anyway, just something that was on my mind.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Legalism

  1. Oh the mercy to be called “Christ’s ones…Christians”! May my heart swell with happiness to be “other” than this world that they may see my Father in Heaven and have a small inkling that He, too, is “other” than them.

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